State Board Joins Costa’s Calls For Sacramento Sanitation Officials To Clean Up The Delta

Sep 8, 2010
Press Release

Wastewater from Sacremento facilities is degrading the Delta, costing Valley water and jobs

Fresno, CA – The Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board is the latest voice to join Congressman Jim Costa’s calls for Sacramento sanitation officials to step up their treatment of sewage being dumped into the Bay Delta. On Friday, the State Board release a draft discharge permit that would force the Sacramento area to upgrade its treatment process and clean up the wastewater pumped into the water system. Wastewater from Sacramento facilities, specifically discharges of ammonia, play a major role in degrading the health of the Delta, costing the Valley water and jobs in the process.

“This news is a positive step forward in our fight for water,” said Costa. “The inaction by Sacramento sanitation officials has cost our Valley water and jobs. Their willingness to ignore the facts is a direct insult to the people of our Valley who rely on a stable supply of water to survive. With the State Board now weighing in, momentum is building to press sanitation districts to act.

“Each year, our Valley has to go toe-to-toe with big polluters to our North to secure the water we need to get by. Enough is enough. These sanitation facilities have a major role to play in the water crisis and cannot keep pointing fingers at Valley families for our state’s water challenges. The days of excuses are over and it’s time for Sacramento sanitation officials to get in gear. With a growing chorus of voices on our side, our Valley is winning our fight for water and we will continue to make progress.”

Costa has long called for Sacramento to clean up the Delta so more water can flow to the Valley. In June, Costa wrote to the State Board to take immediate action to address ammonia discharges in the Delta (to read this letter, click here.) Most recently, Costa slammed northern sanitation officials following the release of a report that investigates the cost to the Sacramento region of reducing ammonia discharges and other pollutants into the water system (for more on the report, click here).