Issues & Legislation

Fighting for Water

The San Joaquin Valley needs water to survive. Our Valley’s jobs and way of life are at stake, and it is my top priority to ensure that our farmers, workers, and communities receive the water we need to get our economy going again.

Improving Education

Education is the key to the future success of our children and promoting long-term economic opportunity across the Valley. Providing access to a high quality and affordable education is essential for our children to compete in today’s ever-evolving workforce and to ensure that they can make the kind of living our parents fought to provide our generation.

Protecting Valley Agriculture

As a third generation family farmer, I know first-hand the daily challenges our farmers and ranchers face. Agriculture is our way of life and the viability of our region depends on this industry to create jobs and economic opportunity. This is why I have made protecting and growing Valley agriculture a top priority.

Addressing California's Housing Needs

Homeownership helps to form the foundation of the American Dream, but that dream is under attack. The housing crisis in our country ripped the bottom out of our economy and left millions of Americans with few other options than foreclosure. Few communities in the United States were hit harder when the housing bubble burst than the San Joaquin Valley.

Strengthening Healthcare

What Health Care Reform Means For You


  • No discrimination against people with pre-existing conditions
  • Children can stay on their parents’ insurance until they’re 26
  • Ban on insurance plans dropping you if you get sick
  • Ban on lifetime coverage limits and caps out-of-pocket expenses

Energy Sustainability


Our Valley is an energy rich region, supplying the state with power from oil, gas, and renewable sources like hydropower, biomass, wind, and solar. This vital sector of our economy is a job creator in our communities and a key player in reducing our nation’s dependence on foreign sources of energy.

Fiscal Responsibility

Increasing our water supply and investing in Valley communities are critical to renewing our economy. However, long-term and sustainable growth also relies on getting our nation’s fiscal house in order.

Serving Valley Veterans

Learn about my work in Congress to support our Veterans.

National Security

Learn my views on National Security.

Immigration Resources


We are a nation of immigrants past and immigrants present.  For more than 250 years, since the formation of the United States, immigrants have made our country what it is today.