Rep. Costa Issues Statement Supporting Tax-Cut Compromise

Dec 10, 2010
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman Jim Costa issued a statement in support of the President’s bipartisan tax compromise and called out members of both political parties for standing in the way of extending tax cuts to Valley families and workers.

“Despite the bipartisan compromise laid out by the President, some lawmakers are more interested in extending the last election than the tax cuts for American families and workers. The campaign is over and that goes for members of both parties.

“The people of the Valley simply cannot afford more delay. Families are putting together their budgets and trying to make ends meet. Small businesses are debating hiring and financial decisions. Family farmers are concerned about dramatic changes to the estate tax. The only folks who don’t seem to be worried are the few Members of Congress who think it’s okay to play the same political games while people continue to search for work and the economy tries to recover.

“I called on Congress to pass a similar compromise in September and now it’s time to act. This deal isn’t perfect and of course there are improvements I would like to see. But that’s reality and that’s how life works. You have to compromise to get things done.

“As Congress continues to debate this issue, I call on my colleagues to support this commonsense plan. The people of my district need these tax cuts and we need the certainty to get our economy going again.”