Costa Announces Service Academy Nominees

Feb 22, 2013
Press Release

Fresno, CA – Rep. Jim Costa announced that he has nominated 10 students from across the Valley for admission to one of the United States service academies. These students represent the best of the regions’ youth through their excellence in academics, athletics, and service.

“These students represent the very best of our Valley,” said Costa. “They have shown themselves to be leaders in their communities and have thrived in the classroom. More impressively, these young people have taken the steps toward a career serving their nation in the United States Military. It is an honor to nominate them, and I wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors.”

Members of Congress are allotted appointments for admissions consideration to the United States Service Academies. This helps ensure that students from across the country are able represent their regions at the service academies. Students interested in seeking a nomination to a service academy should visit Rep. Costa’s website for further information.

Costa Nominees to United States Service Academies:

Tyson Edward Coffey – U.S. Merchant Marine Nominee

Tyson is a senior at Buhach Colony High School in Atwater, California.  He is the son of Willie and Rachel Coffey of Atwater. Tyson is a 3 sport athlete, excelling in football, basketball and baseball.  In addition to his athletic honors, he also excels academically with a GPA of 4.21.  Tyson is active in his community and school, well respected by his peers and is described by his teachers and coaches as a true leader.

Hireri (Hilary) Martinez – U.S. Merchant Marine Academy Nominee

Hilary is a senior at Duncan Polytechnical High School in Fresno. She is the daughter of Josefa Sarabia of Fresno. Hilary is the current Operations Officer and a strong leader in AFJROTC at Duncan Polytechnical.  Hilary excels in academics and athletics. In addition to her dedication at school, Hilary is very active in the community and volunteers with many non-profit organizations and veterans groups. Hilary is described as a true leader and dedicated individual with a bright future. 

Mary Kathryn Stammer – U.S. Naval Academy Nominee

Mary Kathryn is a senior at Lemoore High School. She is the daughter of Walter H. and Melissa W. Stammer, III of Lemoore. Mary is from a third generation Navy family.  She excels in sports and academics, achieving high honors in both. Mary Kathryn is a true leader and is described by her teachers as a model citizen and student.

Cyril Nafarrete Pascual – U.S. Naval Academy Nominee

Cyril is a senior at Hanford West High School. He is the son of Marilex and Antonio P. Pascual, Jr. of Hanford. Cyril is a four year member and current Commanding Officer of his NJROTC Unit at Hanford West. His Senior Naval Science Instructor, John E. Wix, LCDR (Ret) stated, “Cyril is the top cadet in the NJROTC program, and I give my strongest recommendation for his appointment to the Naval Academy.”   

Connor MacLearn Harris – U.S. Naval Academy Nominee

Connor is currently a senior at Lemoore High School. He is the son of Gregory and Stacey Harris of Lemoore. Connor comes from strong U.S. Navy roots; his father is a graduate of the Naval Academy and a current Commander of a Carrier Air Wing. Connor is involved in many extracurricular activities and excels in academics.  Connor has been described by his teachers as top of his class and a clear leader.   

Olivia Christina Czerewko – U.S. Naval Academy and U.S. Merchant Marines Nominee

Olivia is currently attending Lemoore High School. Olivia is the eldest of eight children in a military family. She is the daughter of Jeffrey and Dianna Czerewko of Lemoore. Olivia excels in academics and is a dedicated athlete.  Olivia is a true leader and has been described by her teachers as an outgoing and a student of rare and remarkable qualities. 

Logan D. Cunning – U.S. Naval Academy Nominee 

Logan Cunning is currently a senior at Lemoore High School. He is the son of Jason and Vanessa Cunning of Lemoore. In addition to his dedication to academics and school activities, Logan also excels in baseball and water polo at Lemoore High School. Logan is active in the local 4-H program and works part time as an umpire in the Lemoore Little League. Logan has been described by his peers and teachers as a dedicated individual and a true leader. 

Michael Adam Cumming, Jr. – U.S. Air Force Academy Nominee

Adam is a senior at Lemoore High School. He is the son of Michael Adam Sr. and Rebecca Cumming of Lemoore and Julie Catherine Pettis of Oregon. Adam is a member of the NJROTC program at Lemoore High School and is at the top of his class at Lemoore High School. In addition to excelling in academics and sports, Adam is very active in his church and the community. Adam has been described by his teachers as a model student and citizen.

Alexander J. Kuykendall – U.S. Air Force Academy Nominee

Alex is a senior at Lemoore High School. He is the son of Jeffrey and Jill Kuykendall of Hanford.  Alex is a star athlete and student. Alex has been Captain of the Water Polo Team for the past 2 years and is a leader on his swim team. In addition to his excelling in sports, Alex has been described by his teachers and peers as a model student and friend. 

Layla M. Shoufer – U.S. Air Force Academy Nominee

Layla is a senior at Corcoran High School. She is the daughter of Abdulla Shoufer and Amelia Valdez of Corcoran. Layla is a strong member of her AFJROTC program at Corcoran High School and is currently ranked number 1 at Corcoran AFJROTC. In addition to her dedicated efforts in AFJROTC, Layla excels in academics and sports. Layla is also very active in AMVETS, FFA and her community. Layla is described as bright, energetic, star student and a true leader.