Costa: American Families Deserve Better

Oct 4, 2013
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – Rep. Jim Costa called on House Republicans to end the misguided government shutdown that is hurting Valley residents, the 144th Fighter Wing, visitors to our national parks, and our economy as a whole. Knowing that his constituents depend on and deserve assistance with federal agencies, Costa’s staff has been and will continue working without pay until the government gets back to work. When the government closed on October 1st, Costa immediately asked that his own pay also be withheld for the duration of the shutdown.


“Families across this country are being forced to make sacrifices because of Congressional incompetence,” said Costa.  “My staff and I are here working without pay until we end this budget impasse to serve you. The American people deserve better than this political posturing and brinksmanship.”


Costa also has supported legislation in the last few days to guarantee on-time pay to active duty military and urged the Secretary of Defense to do the same for members of the military reserves, including those at the 144th. He has also supported legislation that would fully fund the Department of Veterans Affairs to guarantee our former service members have access to all the assistance and benefits they have earned.


Costa still maintains that the only way forward is to reopen the entire government, and that it is past time to do that. He remains committed to working for a bipartisan solution that allows us to pass a budget and get government back to work.


Thursday morning, Costa called on the House to follow the example of two Valley leaders who were true public servants and always put solutions before politics. The Valley recently said farewell to the Democrat and Republican who Costa described as widely respected and were known for never letting partisanship or ideology get in the way of solutions.


“Both of these men put their community first. I worked with both George and Pete for years and they were not only my friends but they were friends of the Valley they loved and the state they were proud to call home, California. My colleagues, Mr. Speaker, I think it is time for all of us in this body to live up to the memory of these two shining examples.”