Reps. Costa, Cardoza, Radanovich Statement Regarding Lloyd Carter's Remarks

Feb 10, 2009
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C.— Today, Congressman Jim Costa (D-20), Dennis Cardoza (D-18) and George Radanovich (R-19) released the following response regarding Mr. Lloyd Carter’s inappropriate remarks at a Fresno water hearing.

“As Valley residents and the grandchildren of immigrants, we are deeply disturbed by the disparaging and ill-informed comments made by Lloyd Carter. Not only were these comments insulting and misleading, but also exceptionally inappropriate coming from a public official like Mr. Carter. This illustrates the complete lack of understanding amongst many in the environmental community about what actually happens on our Valley farms. California’s farmers and farm workers are the backbone of the State’s economy. Their hard work supplies healthy and nutritious, American-grown food throughout our country and abroad. Most are hard working, church-going, upstanding individuals who are trying to feed and educate their children. They want to provide their kids with the opportunity to achieve the American dream, just like our grandparents did two generations ago. We believe Mr. Carter owes farm workers an apology.

“The water shortage in California is a human tragedy; not only for the farmers and farm workers who are losing their jobs and may no longer be able to support their families, but also for citizens around the world who rely on a steady supply of fruits, vegetables, dairy and beef, all grown and raised in California. Over 300 crops are grown in the Central Valley alone, many of which are not grown anywhere else in this country. Without a reliable water supply, grapes wilt on the vine, pomegranates do not ripen, and orange trees never grow to produce fruit. The bottom line is: do we want to have a stable, safe and secure food source grown in California or do we want to be dependent on food sources from third-world countries. Without water you cannot have a secure supply of food. It is as essential as having an independent energy policy.”