Rep.Costa Annouces $603,054 in Emergency Food and Shelter Funds for Fresno City and County

Aug 28, 2009
Press Release

FRESNO, CA- Today, Congressman Jim Costa (D-Fresno) announced that a total of $603,054 has been awarded to the City and County of Fresno to supplement and expand ongoing efforts to provide shelter, food and supportive services.  Funding was released by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) through the Emergency Food and Shelter National Board Program (EFS).


“Our Valley’s economy is hurting, and we are seeing more of our friends and neighbors seek assistance in food lines and local shelters,” Costa said.  “I have often said that the economic devastation happening in our Valley is equal to what happened to Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina; however, we cannot see this devastation in flooded streets or ruined homes.  We see it on the faces of those who provide our state and nation with food for their dinner table.  This is vital funding to help our Valley survive this economic storm.”

Other areas receiving these funds were various parishes in Louisiana which were devastated by Hurricane Katrina.  Three counties in Michigan, Macomb, Oakland and Wayne, along with the City of Detroit, also received funds.

The National Board has reallocated funds at their discretion from Funds Available for Reallocation.  The Funds Available for Reallocation come from unexpended funds from prior funding phases, returned funds (unspent by LROs or unresolve compliance problems), unused administrative funds, and limited interest earned.  As policy, the National Board reallocates funds at their discretion periodically and as appropriate following common practices they have established.

At the August 7, 2009, National Board meeting, the Board heard requests from three areas of the country covering 10 Local Boards.  Each area had requested additional funding based upon their unique circumstances.  Based upon the requests and the Funds Available for Reallocation, the National Board determined that the use of a per capita rate was equitable in handling the requests from the jurisdictions for the allocation of EFSP funds.  

On August 11, 2009, the National Board made allocations to the following jurisdictions based upon the per capita rate, the amount for which the jurisdiction/area qualified or the amount requested.  The Board decided that jurisdictions/areas would receive the lesser of the amount requested or the amount for which the jurisdiction/area qualified.