Rep. Costa Statement On Wanger Smelt Decision

May 28, 2010
Press Release
Costa: Common sense has prevailed. More water is flowing to our Valley.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Jim Costa (D-Fresno) responded today to Judge Oliver Wanger’s decision on threatened Delta smelt, calling the ruling a win for Valley farmers and the economy. Wanger ruled that the scientific opinions regarding smelt were flawed and that water regulations must consider human factors along with fish concerns.

"Today’s ruling is another victory for our farmers, workers, and entire economy,” said Costa. “Commonsense has prevailed. Bureaucrats and extreme environmentalists can no longer claim that fish matter more than people. Time and again, we have taken on these flawed water regulations. We are winning and more water is flowing to our Valley.”

Today’s ruling comes on the heels of Wanger’s decision involving endangered salmon. Wanger ordered that limits on pumping water from the Bay Delta can be lifted to allow more water to flow to the Valley.

Costa called Wanger’s decision another indication that the fight for more water is producing results.

“The legislative and administrative strategy we have pursued is making a difference. We have initiated and supported scientific studies that have been critical to these judicial decisions,” said Costa. “We have secured four times the amount of water we received last year. We have brought home funding for critical water projects. We have also pushed the Administration to revise the water regulations punishing the Valley. Much work remains, and our fight for jobs and the Valley economy will continue.”