Rep. Costa Statement On Wanger Ruling To Lift Pumping Restrictions

May 26, 2010
Press Release
Costa: Ruling is welcome news for our economy and those of us fighting to change unfair water regulations

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Jim Costa (D-Fresno) issued the following statement after Judge Oliver Wanger ordered that limits on pumping water from the Bay Delta can be lifted to allow more water to flow to the Valley. Wanger’s ruling follows his earlier decision that regulations limiting water for the Valley are flawed. "Judge Wanger's ruling is more welcome news for our farmers and economy.  It is also good news for those of us fighting to change unfair federal water regulations. Our job now is to make sure nothing stands in the way of getting the water Judge Wanger’s ruling promises.

“This decision means more water will flow to the Valley and jobs will return. We have already secured four times the amount of water we received last year, and Judge Wanger’s ruling is another step forward in our fight for our Valley.

"Science is on the Valley's side. The people fighting against us and our economy will find it more and more difficult to hide behind one-sided and biased scientific opinions to excuse their actions. I have long argued that the regulations restricting the Valley's water in the name of protecting endangered fish are flawed. I am pleased that the Administration, and now the courts, are starting to see it our way.

"The truth is that agricultural pumping cannot be blamed solely for the decline in the Bay Delta's health. Every day we see further confirmation of the devastation that the dumping of pollutants far to our north is having on the Delta. Most recently, a University of Maryland study concluded that the health of the Delta cannot be seriously improved until the discharges of ammonia into the water system are addressed.

"Despite our successes, now is not the time to let up. Every day is a new opportunity to take our fight for water to a new level. The stakes are too high and our economy is on the line. I will continue to keep the pressure on the Administration so we can keep building on the progress we have made."