Rep. Costa Statement On Requesting A Federal Economic Disaster Designation

Mar 9, 2009
Press Release
WASHINGTON, D.C.—On Friday March 6th, Congressman Jim Costa (D-Fresno) sent a letter to President Barack Obama requesting he create a federal economic disaster designation and declare the San Joaquin Valley its first designee.  After sending the letter, Costa released the following statement.

“A combination of home foreclosures, a lasting drought, and a precipitous drop in dairy prices has put our Valley in the middle of a treacherous economic storm.  While there are many parts of our nation feeling the effects of a poor economy, the San Joaquin Valley is seeing disproportionate levels of unemployment and foreclosures, almost at greater rates than any region in America.  Congressman Cardoza and I will be introducing legislation to declare the Central Valley a federal economic disaster area.

“We also feel that President Obama has the power to use and expand an Executive Order signed by President Clinton to bring more federal resources to the Valley.  I know that we cannot simply throw money at the Valley and expect it to get better; however, we can use federal resources in a unique, innovative and aggressive manner to help bring our Valley out of the deep economic slump.

“Finally, Congressman Cardoza and I issued another invitation for the President to come visit the San Joaquin Valley to witness the economic problems first hand.  We are hopeful he will accept this invitation, and work with us to improve the disastrous economic conditions.”

Rep. Costa's Letter to President Obama Regarding Economic Emergency Declaration