Rep. Costa Addresses Dairy Advisory Committee

Apr 16, 2010
Press Release
Discusses plan to strengthen the dairy industry, boost economy

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Jim Costa (D-Fresno) yesterday addressed the USDA Dairy Advisory Committee to discuss his plan to strengthen the U.S. dairy industry. Costa is currently working on legislation that will protect Americans jobs and promote stability and growth in the dairy market. 

“When our dairymen succeed, our economy succeeds,” said Costa. “My plan will help the dairy industry grow and curb the milk price volatility that is driving dairymen out of business.”

Legislation being developed by Costa uses market principles like financial incentives to better align supply and demand while still promoting dairies to grow. Milk price volatility has resulted in a nearly 25% reduction in the dairy industry in California over the past year.

Costa applauded the industries efforts to coordinate and encouraged continued cooperation between producers and processors throughout the nation in reforming the nation’s dairy policies.

Added Costa, “We have a real opportunity to make meaningful changes to prevent future dairy crashes like the one we’re in now. I would like to thank the Secretary and each of the USDA Dairy Industry Advisory Committee members for the opportunity to speak, and for continuing to work with me to move the U.S. dairy industry forward.”

The purpose of the Dairy Advisory Committee is to review the issues of farm milk price volatility and dairy farmer profitability and provide a report with recommendations to the Secretary on how USDA can best address these issues to meet the dairy industry’s needs in the near and long term. The Committee is made up of producers and experts from around the country.