Costa Statement on Presidential Memorandum Streamlining Federal Regulations & Improving Water Reliability

Oct 19, 2018
Press Release

Fresno, CA – Today, Congressman Jim Costa (CA-16) issued the following statement on the President’s memorandum aimed at streamlining regulatory processes and eliminating redundant and unnecessary water infrastructure regulations:

“Today’s announcement by the President is the next step in restoring more reliable water supplies to all regions of California. For years, communities throughout the San Joaquin Valley have been harmed by the regulations imposed under the Endangered Species Act which reduce the Valley’s water supplies in order to restore fish populations. 

When these regulations were first proposed, I raised significant questions about the validity of the science used in their development. Since that time, a substantial scientific body of evidence has emerged which indicates that pumping restrictions are not the best way to protect endangered fish populations. Instead, addressing other stressors – like limiting predation by fish like the striped bass, increasing food production, and restoring critical habitat – is more effective in restoring endangered populations. 

There is no silver bullet to solving California’s water challenges. It takes dedication and a commitment to working across the aisle to develop commonsense policies that help all regions of California. I’d like to commend President Trump for issuing this Presidential Memorandum to identify a single person to be responsible for reducing harmful regulations that limit water supplies to the Valley, restore scientific integrity to the regulatory process, and expedite much-needed water storage in California and across the West.”