Costa Statement on Gov. Newsom’s State of the State Address

Feb 12, 2019
Press Release

Fresno, CA – Congressman Jim Costa (CA-16) released the following statement regarding California Governor Gavin Newsom’s February 12th State of the State address:

“The Governor today, in his State of the State address, outlined a new direction for California. His priorities for water and transportation will provide a fresh look, and I hope new opportunities. 

“Attempting to pursue a more centrist approach to creating water sustainability in California is the key. 

“On high-speed rail, his proposal to change the plan, though more modest, will still benefit the Valley. I do not believe these changes foreclose a future HSR system for California. 

“I want to work with him on both of these important projects as well as other issues that are important to the Valley, such as clean drinking water and healthcare.”