Costa Statement on Executive Order Ending Health Care Cost-sharing Reduction Payments

Oct 13, 2017
Press Release

FRESNO, CA – Congressman Jim Costa (CA-16) issued the following statement today after President Trump signed an executive order to end cost-sharing reduction payments (CSR) to insurance companies providing health care to individuals enrolled in Affordable Care Act health insurance marketplaces:

“The Administration’s decision to end cost-sharing reduction payments is irresponsible and illogical. Ending these payments will cause the government to spend more money to insure fewer people. According to the Congressional Budget Office, this decision will add $194 billion to the national deficit over the next decade while our nation’s most vulnerable lose coverage. Furthermore, we all know that markets must be stable for businesses to provide consumers with affordable, high-quality products. The cost-sharing reduction payments are crucial for stability in the individual health care market, which is why many of us in Congress – Democrats and Republicans alike – have been advocating for making these payments permanent through legislation. Ending these payments will cause even more instability in the health care market, which will lead to higher premiums and fewer options for Americans across the country.

“Since its enactment, I have always believed that the Affordable Care Act has problems that must be addressed. But the way to fix problems is with bipartisan, commonsense solutions, not with partisan, senseless decisions and actions, such as this executive order.”