Costa Releases Statement on Biological Opinions

Feb 19, 2020
Press Release

(WASHINGTON) – Congressman Jim Costa released the following statement after the United States Bureau of Reclamation implemented the new 2019 biological opinion governing operations of the Central Valley Project and State Water Project:

“I’ve been calling for the biological opinions to be updated for years and I am pleased to see the process that began during the Obama Administration come to completion. Using adaptive management, science, and observed realities on the ground, rather than arbitrary calendar dates to determine water operations, is the right thing to do, especially in light of California’s changing climate. This not only allows for water to be moved more efficiently, which will help our agriculture economy, but also ensures sufficient water for habitat is available when needed for endangered species.

“We cannot let this moment derail the progress that has been made toward a new paradigm in California water policy. Water users, the State, and the federal government must remain focused on reaching an agreement on coordinated operations of the State’s water systems.

“I’m hopeful this isn’t the end of these negotiations. We have the chance to start a new era of working together on water – one that benefits all sides – and we must not squander the chance.

“I will continue to work with all the parties to find solutions.”