Costa Praises Inclusion of High-Speed Rail Funding in the INVEST Act

Jun 3, 2020
Press Release


(FRESNO) – Congressman Jim Costa (CA-16) released the following statement after the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee announced their plan to introduce the Investing in a New Vision for the Environment and Surface Transportation (INVEST) in America Act – a bill to invest $494 billion in improving America’s transportation infrastructure, including high-speed rail development:

“This legislation will be critical to finishing California’s high-speed rail project and creating new jobs in the Central Valley,” said Costa. “The new PRIME Grant program adopts key rail provisions I introduced earlier this year to help develop clean train technology across the country.”

Earlier this year, Congressman Costa introduced the High Speed Rail Corridor Development Act to provide $32 billion over four years  in federal funding for California High Speed Rail development. The INVEST Act incorporates this effort by including the new Passenger Rail Improvement, Modernization and Expansion (PRIME) grant program, to authorize $19 billion to fund intercity rail projects, including High Speed Rail.

In addition to funding High-Speed Rail, this bill includes the following transportation benefits for the San Joaquin Valley:

  • Provides funds to States, cities, tribes, territories and transit agencies for COVID-19 response and recovery
  • Prioritizes funds to focus on rehabilitating existing roads and highway infrastructure
  • Prohibits stopped freight trains from blocking a public crossing for more than 10 minutes
  • Gives incentives to states for the most carbon pollution reduction measured. 
  • Increases funding for development of charging stations for electric and zero-emission cars.
  • Increases investment in zero-emission buses
  • Streamlines the Capital Investment Grant program.
  • Establishes the Gridlock Reduction Grant program to reduce adverse impacts of traffic congestion.

House Democrats released the Investing in a New Vision for the Environment and Surface Transportation in America (INVEST in America) Act today. This bill calls for a $494 billion investment over five years investing in our transportation and rail systems, funding transformative projects that will create new jobs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and are built to last.

Costa thanks Chairman DeFazio and Subcommittee Rail Chairman Lipinski and their staff for their hard work to start paving the way for a more sustainable future.