Costa Opposes Bay Area Water Recycling Bill

Oct 15, 2009
Press Release
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Jim Costa (D-Fresno) voted against the Bay Area Regional Water Recycling Program Expansion Act of 2009 today because it offered no assistance to the water crisis in the San Joaquin Valley.  However, bill passed the House by a vote of 241 to 173.  Costa spoke on the House Floor today opposing the process which brought the bill to the floor.  The speech can be viewed by clicking here.

“It is very disappointing to see the House take up and pass a bill for water recycling programs in the Bay Area while people in my district continue to suffer due to a lack of water,” Costa said. “My Valley colleagues tried to offer important amendments to this bill which would have brought some relief to our Valley, but were shut out of the process.  Congressman Cardoza gave his best effort in the Rules Committee to see these amendments come to the floor for debate, but was shut out by Democratic leadership.  It’s a sad day to see only one part of our state receiving water assistance when hard working people 100 miles away from them are standing in food lines due to water shortages.” 

“There are much better solutions to bring relief to the farmers, farm workers, and farm communities in my district: reform the Endangered Species Act and institute common sense policies to keep the pumps running.  These solutions will not cost the taxpayers a dime and will allow water to flow to the farms that feed our nation and the world,” Costa said.