Costa Introduces Resolution to Support Stalking Awareness Month

Jan 30, 2015
Press Release

Washington, D.C.– Earlier this week, Rep. Jim Costa, Co-Chair of the Victims’ Rights Caucus, introduced House Resolution 61, the Supporting the Goals and Ideals of a National Stalking Awareness Month

“Stalking is a horrible crime that not only makes its victims fear for their safety, but in the most serious of cases, can end in death. As Co-Chair of the Victim’s Rights Caucus, I am committed to being the voice for those who are victimized,” said Rep. Costa. “House Resolution 61 supports the goals and ideals of National Stalking Awareness Month by bringing attention to both the issue of stalking and the resources available to stalking victims. We cannot stand by as 7.5 million people in the United States alone, are stalked annually.”

“Stalking is a serious and long term crime that is too often overlooked. It can happen in person or through the internet. Whether it lasts for a few days, months or years, victims of stalking live in constant fear,” said Rep. Ted Poe, Co-Chair of the Victim’s Rights Caucus. “Stalkers are eerie individuals who sneak around and create a silent terror in their victims. The victim feels like someone is always watching them (and usually they are right). They are preyed upon, watched and followed, and in some cases this leads to other crimes like assault, kidnapping and even homicide. We must raise awareness of the dangers of stalking and improve the response of the criminal justice system.”

House Resolution 61, theSupporting the Goals and Ideals of a National Stalking Awareness Month, recognizes that combatting stalking is a layered approach that requires law enforcement, institutions of higher learning, and community organizations, among others, to work together.  As such, the resolution has three main focuses:  applauding the efforts of the many stalking service providers, police, prosecutors, and organizations that promote awareness of stalking; encouraging policymakers, criminal justice officials, victim service agencies, and college campuses to increase awareness of the availability of services for stalking victims; and  finally, urging national and community organizations, businesses and the media to promote awareness of the crime of stalking through National Stalking Awareness Month.