Costa, Hastings to Co-Chair Specialty Crop Caucus

Feb 28, 2013
Press Release

Washington, DC- Reps. Jim Costa and Doc Hastings, co-chairs of the Congressional Specialty Crop Caucus, announced today the reorganization of the caucus and membership for the 113th Congress. The Caucus aims to raise awareness about the issues facing specialty crop growers and processors and advocate for policies that allow these producers to continue to provide American families with safe, healthy foods. 

Rep. Jim Costa (D-CA):“In my home state of California, we produce half the nation’s fruits and vegetables and protecting the industry is critical to the economy of my district. The men and women who grow our specialty crops provide nutritious options for our nation’s families and create thousands of jobs across the country. Building a healthier nation starts with our dinner tables, and these are the healthiest, safest foods in the world.”

Rep. Doc Hastings (R-WA): “Agriculture has been the backbone of Central Washington’s way of life for generations and provides more jobs than any other industry in our state. Our region’s specialty crop growers provide top-quality produce to consumers in the United States and around the world, and I am pleased that the Specialty Crop Caucus will provide a way to promote policies that help these growers continue to succeed.”

Barry Bedwell, President, California Grape & Tree Fruit League: “The California Grape and Tree Fruit League applaud the efforts of the Specialty Crop Caucus. With approximately one half of the value of all crops grown in the U.S., specialty crops represent not only a very positive impact on jobs and the economy but also a focus on eating more fruits, nuts and vegetables that will fight obesity and lead to a healthier society.”

Chris Schlect, President, Northwest Horticultural Council:“I am pleased that our tree fruit growers and shippers will have the Specialty Crop Caucus as a central place through which to make their views known to national leaders on important federal Issues. The Specialty Crop Caucus offers a clear pathway for us to express our thoughts and concerns to the entire membership of the U.S. House of Representatives.”

Membership in the Specialty Crop Caucus for the 113thCongress:


Doc Hastings- Washington

Jim Costa- California

Mike Michaud- Maine

Reid Ribble- Wisconsin

Colleen Hanabusa- Hawaii

Jerry McNerney-California

Mike Simpson- Idaho

Greg Walden- Oregon

Mike Thompson- California

Bill Owens- New York

Earl Blumenauer- Oregon

Jeff Denham- California

Kurt Schrader- Oregon

Robert Aderholt- Alabama