Costa: Clock is Ticking; Time to Complete the BDCP

Mar 14, 2013
Press Release

Washington, DC- Rep. Jim Costa applauded the latest step in repairing California’s broken water system with the release of preliminary draft plans for the implementation and completion of the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP). The documents released by the California Natural Resources Agency chart a path towards restoring the health of the Bay Delta and protecting the economies of the California communities that rely on water from state and federal projects.

“Our current water system in California is broken,”said Costa.“It provides us with neither a reliable water supply nor does it restore our fisheries. With today’s announcement, we have a viable option to finally end our historic water wars. Our water system was designed for 20 million people but is currently serving 38 million people. Our state cannot sustain this and compete in the 21st Century.

This is a major step forward that would have never happened without the leadership of Governor Brown. We have already spent 7 years and a quarter of a billion dollars getting to where we are, and achieving a real, comprehensive fix to a broken water system is within reach. Today moves us closer than we have ever been to a solution that copes with our reality and balances the dual goals of increasing our water supply reliability and supporting ecosystem recovery.

The clock is ticking, and all parties must commit to staying firm on the timeline for completion. It is past time for action. We must break this cycle; we must complete the BDCP.”

Today’s release is the first of three announcements that will come in the next few weeks. These draft documents will outline details for the proposed plan to implement the BDCP and to meet the goals of increasing water reliability and improving the health of the Delta.

Costa has long supported the completion of the BDCP to restore balance and health to California’s broken water system. The plan would help meet long-term water needs of the San Joaquin Valley and restore the health of the Bay Delta.

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