Costa Announces More than $3.4 Million to Improve Valley Water Management

May 22, 2013
Press Release

Washington, DC - Rep. Jim Costa announced today that Valley water projects would receive more than $3.4 million in WaterSMART Water and Energy Efficiency Grants from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. The grants will help fund infrastructure improvements that will increase efficiency and reduce pumping.

“In our current dry year, farmers and water contractors doing all they can to make good use of scarce water resources,” said Costa. “These investments will help save water and reduce energy use by modernizing our water infrastructure. There is no silver bullet to solve our water needs, but improvements like this move us closer to a secure water future.”

Valley projects receiving funding include:

Henry Miller Reclamation District, Island Canal System Modernization

Reclamation Funding: $ 1,332,506                                           Total Project Cost: $2,719,400

The Henry Miller Reclamation District will make improvements to its Island Canal system, including constructing new automatic flow control structures, two automatic spillways, a new regulating reservoir, and a flow and water quality monitoring station. The project is intended to reduce operational spills and to make more precise deliveries. The project is expected to result in water savings of 4,150 acre-feet annually, which will allow the District to reduce diversions from the Delta-Mendota Canal. 

Patterson Irrigation District, Marshall Road and Spanish Drain Return System

Reclamation Funding: $1,500,000                                            Total Project Cost: $3,200,000

The Patterson Irrigation District will install 3 new pump stations and approximately 3.7 miles of new pipeline so that  water from the District's drains can be recovered and pumped back into the delivery system for use, reducing the need for water from other sources. The project is expected to result in 5,000 acre-feet of water savings annually, which will allow the District to market that amount through existing and new water transfer agreements.

Tranquillity Irrigation District, East-West Intertie Water Conservation Project

Reclamation Funding: $300,000                                                  Total Project Cost: $681,645

The Tranquillity Irrigation District will connect two separate District distribution systems to increase efficiency. The project includes the construction of a pumping plant equipped with a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisitions system and flow meter and installation of a half-mile pipeline to connect the distribution systems. As a result, the project will reduce seepage, evaporation, and storage losses, expected to result in water savings of 630 acre-feet annually. The District also expects to reduce energy consumption by approximately 216,100 kilowatt-hours each year by reducing pumping requirements.    

Madera Irrigation District, Irrigation Water Conservation, Telemetry and Delivery System Management Improvement Project – Friant Water Authority

Reclamation Funding: $299,608                                                  Total Project Cost: $599,217

The Madera Irrigation District will implement various efficiency improvements throughout its delivery system, including the installation of automated flume gates, a new Supervisory Control and Data Acquisitions system, and flow meters. The project is expected to result in water savings of 2,925 acre-feet annually through reduction of operational spills.