Costa Announces Funds in the 20th For State Center Community College District

May 18, 2007
Press Release

FRESNO, CA - In an effort to better equip local businesses to thrive in today's international economy, the 20th Congressional District will receive over $100,000 in funds from the United States Department of Education's Business and International Education Program, Congressman Jim Costa (D-Fresno) announced today.


"Through partnership with Fresno-Center for International Trade Development, San Joaquin Valley International Trade Association and numerous others, the State Center Community College District has formed an Agricultural Trade Assistance Program," Congressman Costa explained.


"This program," Costa continued, "will deliver an export development program for twenty pre-qualified agribusinesses that grow specialty crops with a high comparative advantage in Canada and Mexico."


The funding received through the Business and International Education Program is considered crucial to help fund international professional development opportunities for the College and businesses.  "Totaling 180,000 over two years allotted to fund the Agricultural Trade Assistance Program, which increases the export capacity of small and mid-sized agribusinesses through training and counseling," Costa noted.  "The funds also aid the College's international business program through faculty development and internationalization of business and agribusiness," the Congressman concluded.