Jun 25, 2007
Press Release

Washington, D.C. - Today, Congressman Jim Costa announced that California's 20th Congressional District will receive over $15 million in funding from H.R. 3, The Transportation Equity Act Conference Report.

Fresno County will receive $7.6 million for Freeway 180 improvements from Hughes/West Avenue to Brawley and $5.3 million for rehabilitation, repair and/or reconstruction of deficient two-lane roads that connect to Interstate 5, State Route 180, State Route 41, and State Route 99 countywide.

3. $2.4 million to widen Route 198 between State Route 99 to State Route 43 in Kings County, CA.

"This funding is the first step in a comprehensive local, state and federal effort to complete transportation projects in the Fresno County.  However, transportation needs in the Valley greatly exceed what federal money alone can provide.  Without continued state and local funding, these projects might not be able to be completed," Costa stated.

In addition to the projects mentioned above, The Transportation Equity Act includes language to change Highway 99 to interstate status.

"By obtaining interstate status, Highway 99 will have access to increased possible federal funding, which will help widen and repair Highway 99.  This is great news for the Central Valley as Highway 99 is the most heavily traveled highway west of the Mississippi River.  This status change will lead  to increased funding which will decrease congestion on this important transportation artery in the Central Valley," Costa concluded.