May 18, 2007
Press Release

FRESNO, CA - Citing growing concern for creating an environment conducive to learning, Congressman Jim Costa (D - Fresno) announced today that the Hanford Elementary School District will receive $391, 104 from the Elementary and Secondary School Counseling Demonstration Program. This grant is under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Education with the purpose of establishing or expanding counseling programs, and will be provided over a three-year period.


"This fund will help to improve the quality and availability of counseling services in the district," Costa stated, "as well as provide students with efficient mental health care resources."


The Elementary and Secondary School Counseling Demonstration Program provides funds to develop and implement viable and effective counseling programs for elementary and secondary school students. "The grant provided could be used to hire counselors, social workers and psychiatrists as well as improve current counseling services that can cater to the different needs of the students," Costa explained. The goals targeted for this program are students' academic performance, attendance and social skills development


"This grant will provide the tools necessary for teachers, counselors and parents to address the mental health needs of students and, consequently, improve performance," Congressman Costa concluded.