Costa: Finishing the Job for Valley Vets

Jan 11, 2013
Press Release

Washington, DC – Rep. Jim Costa released the following statement on the announcement of Governor Jerry Brown’s budget, which includes funds for the operation and maintenance of the new Fresno Veterans Home. Costa has long championed the home from fighting to secure the $92 million for construction to working with local veterans and elected officials to encourage state funding for the operation of the home.

“We have all waited and worked for this day to come,”said Costa. “After 12 long years, we are finally in a position to provide the services our Valley veterans need and deserve. I give credit most of all to our veterans who have never lost faith that we would open the doors of this veterans home, their veterans home.”

“Now the legislature must act quickly to approve this critical funding and fully open the home. We have strong Valley advocates in Sacramento who have always made opening the home a top priority. I am confident the home will soon be fully operational and providing quality care for our veterans.”