Costa earns lawmaker endorsements in race for House Ag chair

Nov 20, 2020
In The News


Rep. Jim Costa is touting support from House Agriculture Committee members as he makes a play to become chair.

The California Democrat rolled out a list of endorsements from six committee members, along with 21 other House lawmakers, including influential Reps. Raúl GrijalvaKatie Porter and Zoe Lofgren.

The Democrats on House Agriculture who are supporting Costa are Reps. Kim SchrierAnthony BrindisiSalud CarbajalJosh HarderT.J. Cox and Jimmy Panetta, per a list his office circulated on Friday.

"In fighting for the Central Coast’s agricultural communities, I have found a partner, leader, and convener in Jim," Panetta said in a press release circulated by Costa's office.

Costa is vying with Rep. David Scott to become the next leader of the committee after current chairman Rep. Collin Peterson lost his seat.

Costa's statement also laid out his policy goals, which include: protecting Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits; creating "sustainable" international and domestic markets for farmers; and building on conservation and wildfire protection programs.

A Democratic steering committee will decide committee assignments in coming weeks.

"We must preserve and expand nutrition programs for the most vulnerable members of our communities, work to solve the real struggles in rural America, confront the challenges farmers face from climate change and maintain and expand foreign markets for American crops," Costa said in his statement. "If elected chairman, I will push for policies that better position our food systems for the future."