Past News

Costa, Poe Introduce Legislation to Protect Child Abuse Victims

WASHINGTON, DC—Co-Chairs of the Congressional Victims’ Rights Caucus, Reps. Jim Costa and Ted Poe, introduced the reauthorization of the Victims of Child Abuse Act (VOCCA) that will improve accountability and extend the program for 5 years. The act provides funding to the National Children’s Alliance, local Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs), and four Regional Children’s Advocacy Center programs. These centers and programs help expedite prosecution of offenders, reduce violent encounters, and improve safety in communities across the country.

Costa Launches 2nd Annual Holiday Card Drive for Troops

Washington, DC—Rep. Jim Costa announced his second annual holiday card drive for active duty military and Valley veterans. Costa invites residents of the 16th Congressional District to show our appreciation to those who serve and those who have served this holiday season. Working with the American Red Cross, the cards will be delivered to members of the military recovering from injuries while in the line duty at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and local veterans receiving care at the Fresno VA Medical Center.

Costa Supports Ending Backlog at VA

Washington, DC—Rep. Jim Costa supported legislation that will put the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) backon track in delivering former service members the benefits they have earned. The last 6 months have shown great progress with the backlog at VA being reduced by 30 percent, but there still are more than 400,000 overdue cases awaiting review at the Department and Costa’s office works with many of these veterans daily. The House overwhelmingly approved bipartisan, comprehensive legislation to address the backlog at VA with a vote of 404-1.

Costa to Intro Bill to Honor Hmong Veterans

Washington, DC—Rep. Jim Costa joined with Hmong veterans to announce that he will introduce legislation this week that would recognize the service and sacrifices of Hmong veterans in the Valley and nationwide. Costa is joined by Vietnam veteran Rep. Paul Cook (R-CA) in introducing the Hmong Veterans’ Service Recognition Act, which would extend burial benefits in national cemeteries to Hmong and Lao Americans who served beside U.S. Armed Forces during theVietnam War.

FRESNO BEE/MERCED SUN-STAR: Stop the 'I' of this hurricane

For too long your government has been unnecessarily shutdown due to Congress’s inability to face simple facts and act like grownups. When we should be working to reopen your government and protect the full faith and credit of this nation, a lot of my colleagues have let “I’s” dominate the dialogue in Washington: inaction, irresponsible choices, and irrational logic.

You expect and deserve better.

Costa Will Vote to End Government Shutdown

Washington, DC—Rep. Jim Costa announced his support for the bipartisan Senate agreement that would reopen the government and prevent a financial crisis.

“For too long our government has been closed for business while partisan bickering and inaction ruled the day,” said Costa. “Tonight, I will be voting to get government back to work and preserve the full faith and credit of the United States.”

Costa: American Families Deserve Better

WASHINGTON, DC – Rep. Jim Costa called on House Republicans to end the misguided government shutdown that is hurting Valley residents, the 144th Fighter Wing, visitors to our national parks, and our economy as a whole. Knowing that his constituents depend on and deserve assistance with federal agencies, Costa’s staff has been and will continue working without pay until the government gets back to work. When the government closed on October 1st, Costa immediately asked that his own pay also be withheld for the duration of the shutdown.


My Offices Will Remain Open

Dear Friends,

The United States Government is currently closed for business due to Congress’s inability to come together to pass a stopgap spending measure before the end of the fiscal year. However, I want to make you aware that my Fresno, Merced, and Washington Offices will remain open for the duration of the shutdown.

Costa Calls Looming Shutdown Avoidable, Senseless

WASHINGTON, DC – Rep. Jim Costa blasted House Republican Leadership for their latest political stunt that further endangers the American economy and will likely lead to a government shutdown beginning late Monday night. The House approved partisan legislation that has no chance of clearing the Senate when they meet Monday afternoon to consider stopgap spending measure. Every day that the government is shutdown will cost taxpayers a projected $150 million.

Costa Announces $600,000 for Fresno Community Development Financial Institution

WASHINGTON, DC – Rep. Jim Costa announced that an investment of $600,000 is headed to the Valley to expand business opportunities for low- to moderate-income entrepreneurs.  The grant to Fresno Community Development Financial Institution was awarded through the U.S. Department of Treasury’s CDFI fund for lending and operations.

Costa Announces Funds to Hire Police Officers, Improve Safety

WASHINGTON, DC.  – Rep. Jim Costa announced that the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) has released more than $820,000 for the hire of four additional law enforcement officers. The funds are sent directly to law enforcement agencies to help hire or rehire law enforcement officials to improve local safety efforts. In the 16th Congressional District, Atwater, Dos Palos, Gustine, and Madera all received funds to hire an additional officer.

Costa Announces Funds to Create Jobs, Improve Valley Health Care

WASHINGTON, DC.  – Rep. Jim Costa announced the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has awarded $300,000 to the Livingston Community Health Services and the Central Valley Collaborative to train students for high-skill, good-paying jobs in health information technology. This innovative program will help meet the growing need for qualified health information technology technicians in the Valley. The grant is part of a three year program to create a curriculum and implement the training program.

Costa: Downtown Fresno Open for Business

FRESNO, CA – As a long time advocate for downtown Fresno, Rep. Jim Costa cheered the U.S. Department of Transportation’s decision to invest $16 million in the Fulton Mall project that will improve economic opportunities and create jobs in the heart of Fresno. Joining U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx in Fresno for the official announcement, Costa called the Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) discretionary grant a “game changer” for downtown.

Costa Announces $4.2 Million to Modernize Valley Airports

Fresno, CA – Rep. Jim Costa announced that the U.S. Department of Transportation has awarded $3.6 million to Fresno Yosemite International Airport and more than $660,000 to Merced’s Castle Airport. The grant to Fresno will fund completion of the final phase of runway safety improvements and extension at the airport.  Merced County will use the funds for construction of a new taxiway that will enable aircraft to exit the runway more efficiently and improve safety at Castle.

Costa: Evidence Mounting in Support of BDCP

Fresno, CA – Rep. Jim Costa pointed to a California Natural Resources Agency report released today as another sign that the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) is the best path forward to meet the needs of California’s growing population. The report stated that completion of the BDCP would lead to net benefits of between $4.8 billion to $5.4 billion statewide and more than 500,000 jobs due to enhanced water reliability.

Costa Applauds Sikh Hate Crime Decision

Washington, DC-Rep. Jim Costa applauded the U.S. Department of Justice’s decision to add Sikh to the categories they track for hate crime offenses in the United States. For more than a year, Costa has been calling for the Department to include these crimes in their annual Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program. The announcement coincides with the one year anniversary of the tragedy at a Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, on Monday, August 5th.

Senate Approves Costa Bill to Create Jobs, Clean Energy

Washington, DC- Last night the Senate approved legislation to put the nation’s waterways to work producing clean, affordable energy at no cost to taxpayers. Costa joined Rep. Scott Tipton (R-CO) in sponsoring H.R. 678, the Hydropower Development and Rural Jobs Act. Specifically, the bill streamlines the path for development of small hydropower projects on existing Bureau of Reclamation projects creating rural jobs and modernizing the nation’s water infrastructure. It is now headed to the President’s desk to be signed into law.

Costa, Goodlatte, Womack, Welch Urge Committee to Consider the RFS Reform Act

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Reps. Jim Costa (D-CA), Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), Steve Womack (R-AR), and Peter Welch (D-VT) sent a letter today to House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton and Ranking Member Henry Waxman urging the Committee to consider H.R. 1462, the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) Reform Act, as a vehicle to achieve meaningful reform to the RFS.  They released the following statement:

Costa Supports Bill to Bring Students Certainty

Washington, DC-Rep. Jim Costa supported legislation that won overwhelming bipartisan support in the House would reduce the interest rate for federal student loans before the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year. The Bipartisan Student Loan Certainty Act of 2013 will reduce student loan interest rates and save students up to $1,500 over the life of the loan. The bill is now headed to the President who has signaled he will quickly sign the legislation.

Costa Announces $1.9 Million Investment in Merced County

Washington, DC-Rep. Jim Costa announced that the Economic Development Agency (EDA) has committed $1.9 million to expand the existing vocational and business training center in Merced County. The Central Valley Opportunity Center renovation will create 423 new jobs and increase the center’s ability to train workers for higher-wage, higher-skill jobs in the metal manufacturing and transportation trades industry. Costa has been a strong supporter of funding EDA throughout his entire career in Congress.

Costa Statement on Senate Approving Immigration Reform

Washington, DC- Rep. Jim Costa cheered the Senate’s approval of S. 744 the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill with a vote of 68-32. As a member of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and third-generation farmer, Costa has been working to ensure that immigration reform meets the needs of both farm workers and farmers.

“This is a historic moment for our country, but we are only halfway in our journey to fix our broken immigration system.

Costa Statement on DOMA & Prop 8 Decisions

June 26, 2013

Washington, DC-Rep. Jim Costa released the following statement following the Supreme Court decision to strike down section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act and reached a procedural decision on California’s Proposition 8 that would allow same-sex marriages to resume in the state.

“The Supreme Court affirmed what the majority of Americans already know to be true- couples who wish to make a life-long commitment to one another must be treated equally under the law.

Costa: House Fails Rural America and Consumers

Washington, DC- Costa blasted the House of Representatives for allowing the Farm Bill to disintegrate into petty, partisan politics. H.R. 1947, the Federal Agriculture Reform and Risk Management Act of 2013, would have provided the certainty needed for Valley agriculture to thrive and continue producing the healthy, safe foods that American families put on their dinner tables every night. Instead, the House again passed the buck on reforming the nation’s agriculture policies, which will hurt American families and farmers.

Costa Cheers F-15’s Arrival at 144th

June 18, 2013

Fresno, CA- Rep. Jim Costa cheered the arrival of the F-15 fighter jet at the 144th Fighter Wing in Fresno. Costa has been a key voice in urging the Air Force to approve the conversion from the older F-16 aircraft to the newer F-15 aircraft. In late May, the Air Force granted final approval for the conversion that would bring 18 F-15s to the 144th Fighter Wing.

Costa Announces $3.4 Million in Federal Payments to Fresno, Merced, and Madera Counties

June 13, 2013

Washington, D.C.-  Rep. Jim Costa announced today that Fresno, Merced, and Madera Counties has received more than $3.4 million under the Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILT) program as compensation for lost property tax revenue from non-taxable federal lands. Though the guaranteed funds for the PILT program expire this year, Costa has urged the Surface Transportation Reauthorization Conference Committee to extend the program. Fresno, Merced, and Madera Counties depend on these funds to help keep teachers, police, firefighters, and nurses on the job.

Costa, Poe Introduce Bill to Protect Crime Victims Fund

Washington, DC – This week, Congressional Victims’ Rights Caucus (VRC) co-chairmen and co-founders, Reps. Jim Costa and Ted Poe, introduced legislation that would protect the Crime Victims Fund from budget sequestration which is threatening to severely reduce services for victims of crime. The fund is backed solely by criminal fines, forfeitures and other penalties, not federal tax dollars, and it has no impact on the national deficit.

Costa Announces $379,000 to Help Fresno Homeless Veterans

FRESNO, CA- Rep. Jim Costa announced today that the Fresno Housing Authority and the Fresno Veterans Affairs Medical Center have been awarded $378,840 to provide case management and rental assistance to 70 homeless veterans. The Housing and Urban Development-Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (HUD-VASH) program is jointly operated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Since the HUD-VASH program began in 2009, there has been a 17 percent drop in chronic homelessness amongst veterans nationwide.

Costa Supports Advancing the Farm Bill, Calls for House Action

Washington, DC - Rep. Jim Costa, the highest ranking Californian on the House Agriculture Committee, voted to move H.R. 1947, the Federal Agriculture Reform and Risk Management Act of 2013, to the House floor. At nearly midnight, the House Agriculture Committee gave overwhelming support with a vote of 36-10 to take up where the last Congress left off and advance a five year Farm Bill that will set the nation’s agriculture and nutrition policies.

Olson, Costa Urge Competition in Energy Production

Washington, DC- Rep. Pete Olson (R-TX) and Rep. Jim Costa (D-CA) today introduced bipartisan legislation to increase competition, stabilize food prices and enhance American energy security and global competitiveness. The Domestic Alternative Fuels Act, H.R. 1959, would allow ethanol produced from domestic natural gas to be included under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) and compete with corn-based ethanol.  

Costa Votes to End FAA Furloughs, Keep Castle Open

Washington, DC- Rep. Jim Costa supported legislation that would reduce airport delays and maintain the midnight shift at Fresno Yosemite International Airport’s air traffic control tower, which supports the mission of the 144th Fighter Wing. The Reducing Flight Delays Act of 2013 also gives the Administration the flexibility to reverse their decision to shutter Castle Airport’s air traffic control operations, a move Costa has been urging the FAA to take since March.

Costa: Stars Aligning for Delivery of F-15s to 144th

Washington, DC- Rep. Jim Costa hailed the Air Force for their efforts to keep the F-15 conversion at the 144th Fighter Wing on track. Costa was joined by fellow Valley Reps. David Valadao and Devin Nunes on a letter to the Air Force last month reaffirming the critical mission of the 144th and their strong support for the aircraft conversion from the older F-16 aircraft to the newer F-15 aircraft.

Costa Bill Would Restore Yosemite to Muir’s Original Vision

Washington, DC- Rep. Jim Costa has introduced legislation that would expand Yosemite to include nearly 1,600 acres of land that were originally intended for inclusion within the park. The Yosemite National Park Boundary Expansion Act of 2013 would adjust the park’s current boundary to protect its vulnerable western border and prevent the potentially problematic and costly development of these remote areas. Senator Dianne Feinstein has also introduced companion legislation in the United States Senate.

Congressman Costa Reacts to Gang of 8 Immigration Plan

Washington, DC- Congressman Jim Costa released the following statement in response to the “Gang of 8” introducing their bipartisan legislation to fix the nation’s broken immigration system. As a member of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and third-generation farmer, Costa has been working closely with Valley representatives and elected officials on both sides of the aisle to ensure that the legislation would address the concerns of Valley agriculture and workers.

FAA Heeds Costa’s Call for Caution, Delays Cuts at Castle

Merced, CA- Rep. Jim Costa released the following statement about the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) announcement to postpone until June 15th the closure of 149 federal air traffic control towers, including the tower at Merced’s Castle Airport. Last month, the FAA announced that federal funding to maintain air traffic control operations at Castle would be discontinued on April 7th.

Costa Plan to Help Keep CA Dairies Afloat Gains Traction

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Congressman Costa joined fellow Valley Representative David Valadao in introducing legislation that would allow California dairy producers the option to enter into the Federal Milk Marketing Order. Currently, California operates under its own state-based order that establishes the price milk processors pay based on the dairy products they make, but many dairy producers have expressed concerns that they are paid less for their milk than producers in federal order states.

Costa: Clock is Ticking; Time to Complete the BDCP

Washington, DC- Rep. Jim Costa applauded the latest step in repairing California’s broken water system with the release of preliminary draft plans for the implementation and completion of the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP). The documents released by the California Natural Resources Agency chart a path towards restoring the health of the Bay Delta and protecting the economies of the California communities that rely on water from state and federal projects.

Costa Announces Almost $390,000 to Fight Homelessness in Merced County

Washington, DC- Rep. Jim Costa announced that$388,144has been awarded to Merced County organizations from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The funds were made available through the Continuum of Care Homeless Assistance competitive grant program. HUD recently released a report showing there are more than 500 homeless persons including more than 50 homeless veterans in Merced City and County.

Costa Announces More Than $5.3 Million to Combat Valley Homelessness

Washington, DC- Rep. Jim Costa announced more than $5.3 million has been awarded to Fresno and Madera County organizations from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The funds were made available through the Continuum of Care Homeless Assistance competitive grant program. HUD recently released a report showing that nearly 4,500 homeless persons including more than 600 homeless veterans in Fresno and Madera Counties.

Costa Intros Bill to Protect Consumers from Utility Hike

Washington, D.C.-  Congressman Jim Costa joined Rep. Doug LaMalfa (R-CA) to introduce bipartisan legislation that would provide stability in energy prices for consumers. The Public Power Risk Management Act of 2013 would remove barriers that place municipal utilities, including irrigation districts such as Merced, Modesto, and Turlock Irrigation Districts, under restrictions that prevent them from taking responsible actions to hedge against price volatility in the energy market and to protect consumers from utility fee hikes.

Costa Urges FAA to Reconsider Closing Castle Airport Control Tower

Washington, DC- Rep. Jim Costa urged the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to continue operation of the air traffic control tower at Merced County’s Castle Airport. The Valley-based airport is on a list of control towers under consideration for closure due to sequestration cuts. Castle supports critical military training operations, natural disaster readiness, and hundreds of local jobs.

Costa and McClintock Introduce Merced Wild and Scenic River Boundary Adjustment Legislation

Washington, D.C.-  Congressman Jim Costa, who represents Merced County, and Congressman Tom McClintock, who represents Mariposa County, introduced a bill today that would allow Merced Irrigation District to apply to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to raise the spillway at Lake McClure.  The legislation adjusts the Merced Wild and Scenic River boundary to match the FERC project boundary for the New Exchequer Dam.

House Finishes the Job for Crime Victims & Their Families

Washington, DC – Rep. Jim Costa, Co-Chair of the Congressional Victims’ Rights Caucus, supported legislation that expands protections for victims and survivors and gives victims’ advocates and law enforcement the tools necessary to protect vulnerable populations. The reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, which won bipartisan support in the House of Representatives and Senate, is now headed to the President for his signature.

Costa, Hastings to Co-Chair Specialty Crop Caucus

Washington, DC- Reps. Jim Costa and Doc Hastings, co-chairs of the Congressional Specialty Crop Caucus, announced today the reorganization of the caucus and membership for the 113th Congress. The Caucus aims to raise awareness about the issues facing specialty crop growers and processors and advocate for policies that allow these producers to continue to provide American families with safe, healthy foods. 

Costa to Administration: No Time to Waste; Must Do More for Valley Water

Washington, DC – Congressman Jim Costa released the following statement in response to the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation announcement of an initial federal water allocation of 25 percent for south of Delta agriculture water service contractors. With average rainfall, the allocation could rise to 35 percent by April which is still insufficient to meet the needs of Valley agriculture.

Reps. Costa, Thompson, Green, Reed Re-Launch Congressional Natural Gas Caucus with Four-Member Bipartisan Leadership Team

Washington, D.C.– U.S. Representatives Jim Costa (D-CA), Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson (R-PA), Gene Green (D-TX), and Tom Reed (R-NY) today announced an expanded, four-member leadership team for the Congressional Natural Gas Caucus, a bipartisan effort to educate Members of Congress and the American people about the importance of natural gas as a domestic energy resource, its role in meeting the nation's energy demand and in attaining energy security.

Costa, Valadao, Cicilline to Co-Chair Portuguese American Caucus

Announce Membership for 113th Congress

February 22, 2013

Washington, DC- Reps. Jim Costa, David Valadao, and David Cicilline, co-chairs of the Congressional Portuguese Caucus, announced today the reorganization of the caucus and membership for the 113th Congress. The Caucus aims to strengthen the long-standing ties between the United States and Portugal as well as increase awareness of the achievements of the over 1 million Americans of Portuguese descent.

Fresno Bee: Jim Costa: Congress must act quickly

February 19, 2013

Last week, the U.S. Senate took a major step in finishing what the last Congress left undone when it voted on a wide bipartisan basis to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act. This previously enacted legislation that has now expired helped bring domestic violence out of the shadows and allowed our nation to address an issue far too many victims and survivors have battled alone.

Costa Announces Funds to Improve Transit to Yosemite

Washington, DC – Rep. Jim Costa announced today that the U.S. Department of Transportation has awarded the Yosemite Area Regional Transportation System (YARTS) with a $583,941 grant for a clean-diesel, ADA- accessible motor coach to add to their growing fleet. The new bus will help expand existing service to Yosemite National Park and meet the increasing needs for alternative transit to the park. 

Costa Applauds California Highway Patrol Officers Receiving Medal of Valor

Thanks Haller & Rivera for Heroic Service

February 20, 2013

Washington, DC – Rep. Jim Costa congratulated California Highway Patrol Officers Sean Haller and Rafael Rivera who were honored for their heroic service by Vice President Joe Biden and Attorney General Eric Holder. The two were among 18 public safety officers nationwide to receive the Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor, the highest national award for valor by public safety officers.

Costa Calls for Action to Avoid Sequester; Highlights Local Impacts

Washington, DC – Rep. Jim Costa called on Speaker Boehner and Leader Pelosi to bring up legislation to avoid the impending sequester that could be devastating to the Valley and nation’s economy. Without Congressional action, an automatic across-the-board $85 billion in cuts would be triggered on March 1st and another $1 trillion over the next 10 years. Costa voted earlier today to keep the House in session to allow time for debate of legislation to avert sequestration.

Costa: Absurd to Put a Few Fish before Millions of Californians

Washington, DC – Rep. Jim Costa released the following statement following news that over 700,000 acre feet of water had been lost from the slowing of water exports through the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta between November 1st and January 31st. The supply was drastically reduced in response to reports that 232 Delta smelt had been lost during that time period.

Costa, Fresno Unified Team Up to Kickoff Paying for College Series

January 6, 2013

Washington, DC – Rep. Jim Costa will join Fresno Unified School District on Friday, February 8th for the kickoff of their financial aid workshop series. These free, public sessions will offer step-by-step assistance to students and families filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and/or the DREAM Act online application. Costa will join Fresno Superintendent Michael Hanson and Superintendent Christopher J. Steinhauser of Long Beach Unified School District, Fresno Unified’s FAFSA pilot program partner.

Fresno Bee: Editorial: Despite tuition increases, college isn't just a dream

Fresno Unified financial aid workshops begin Friday.

Wednesday, Feb. 06, 2013

Impoverished or middle-class students and their parents should know that college dreams can be realized despite tuition hikes and a sluggish economy.

If a student gets good grades and graduates from high school, financial aid will be there to attend college.

This is the message that Rep. Jim Costa, D-Fresno, is sending to students, particularly those in Fresno Unified School District.

Costa Appointed Top Dem on Livestock, Rural Development Committee

Maintains Seat on Key House Water and Power Subcommittee

January 22, 2013

Washington, DC – Rep. Jim Costa will serve as the Ranking Member on the House Agriculture Committee’s Livestock, Rural Development, and Credit Subcommittee. The committee oversees livestock, dairy, and poultry issues along with rural development, family farming matters, and farm credit policies.

Costa Announces New USDA Microloan Program

Washington, DC – Rep. Jim Costa announced today that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has launched a new microloan program to help small and family operations and socially-disadvantaged farmers obtain up to $35,000 in loans. The program aims to help small and beginning producers scale up their operations so they can build equity and gradually gain access to private, commercial credit.

Costa: Finishing the Job for Valley Vets

Washington, DC – Rep. Jim Costa released the following statement on the announcement of Governor Jerry Brown’s budget, which includes funds for the operation and maintenance of the new Fresno Veterans Home. Costa has long championed the home from fighting to secure the $92 million for construction to working with local veterans and elected officials to encourage state funding for the operation of the home.

Fresno Bee: Governor's budget funds Fresno veterans home

Governor's budget funds Fresno veterans home

By John Ellis and Eddie Jimenez / The Fresno Bee - The Fresno Bee

Thursday, Jan. 10, 2013 | 04:47 PM

Gov. Jerry Brown's proposed budget released Thursday includes $27 million for veterans homes in Fresno and Redding, which a local lawmaker said should fully fund the Fresno facility.

Assembly Member Henry T. Perea, a Fresno Democrat, said it's unknown how the money would be split between the two homes, but Fresno "would get the lion's share because it is a bigger home."

Central Valley Business Times: Central Valley congressman blasts Congress

Central Valley congressman blasts Congress


January 1, 2013 10:05pm

•  Says partisanship has trumped putting the country first

•  “I am happy to now say goodbye to the 112th Congress”

A veteran of the halls of Congress, Rep. Jim Costa, D-Fresno, has few kind words for where he works.

“Far too many of those serving in this institution lack the will to put the country first and partisan interests last,” he says.