In the 117th Congress, Congressman Jim Costa serves on three powerful House Committees: the Committee on Agriculture, the Committee on Natural Resources, and the Committee on Foreign Affairs.


House Committee on Agriculture

The responsibilities and goals of the House Committee on Agriculture are as diverse as the needs of  American agriculture. We face issues as varied as renewable energy, rural development, nutrition, crop insurance, conservation, international trade, futures market regulation, animal and plant health, agricultural research and development, bioterrorism, forestry and many others. Our challenge is to find ways to address the diverse needs of agriculture in regions with very different products, climates and experiences.



We must continue to work together to find ways to not only support our nation's agricultural production but also to ensure that American consumers continue to have access to the world's safest, most abundant food and agriculture products. For almost 200 years, the House Committee on Agriculture has established farm policy for agriculture and rural America in the nation's capital.

Our nation was founded on the strength of agriculture production, which helped to establish us among the world's most powerful and prosperous nations. The importance of agriculture in the United States has only grown, as our nation's farmers and ranchers produce the food, fiber and products that keep our nation strong and bountiful and that help feed a hungry world.

On the Committee on Agriculture, Costa serves as Chairman of the Livestock and Foreign Agriculture Subcommittee



House Natural Resources Committee

The House Committee on Natural Resources advances the interests of the indigenous peoples and residents of the territories of the United States, and considers legislation and oversees federal conservation and species protection programs.



The Committee’s responsibilities focus on the following areas: Insular Affairs; Energy and Mineral Resources; Indigenous People of the United States; National Parks and Public Lands; Oversight and Investigations; and Water, Oceans, and Wildlife. 

For the Committee on Natural Resources,  the Congressman serves on the Water, Oceans, and Wildlife Subcommittee. Congressman Costa's appointment gives his constituents a voice on water issues, such as water resources planning, research and development, and irrigation programs.



House Foreign Affairs Committee

The House Committee on Foreign Affairs considers legislation that impacts the diplomatic community, which includes the Department of State, the Agency for International Development, the Peace Corps, the United Nations, and the enforcement of the Arms Export Control Act. 



The Committee will have jurisdiction over legislation with respect to the administration of the Export Administration Act, including the export and licensing of dual-use equipment and technology and other matters related to international economic policy and trade not otherwise assigned to a subcommittee, and with respect to the United Nations, its affiliated agencies, and other international organizations, including assessed and voluntary contributions to such organizations.

The Committee may conduct oversight and investigations with respect to any matter within the jurisdiction of the Committee as defined in the Rules of the House of Representatives.

On the Committee on Foreign Affairs, the Congressman serves on the Europe, Eurasia, Energy, and Environment Subcommittee