10.15.2012 Costa Announces $900,000 to Improve Valley Air Quality

Grant Will Replace 35 Long-Haul, High Emission Vehicles

Fresno, CA – Rep. Jim Costa announced today that the San Joaquin Valley Unified Air Pollution Control District has received a competitive grant for $898,833 that will replace at least 35 long-haul waste vehicles. These funds were awarded by the Diesel Emission Reduction Act (DERA) program to reduce diesel emissions in the San Joaquin Valley.

“Improving the lives and health of the people in this Valley hinges on us addressing our air quality and transportation challenges,” said Costa. “Replacing and retrofitting diesel vehicles has been a smart, cost-effective way to create immediate, tangible results.  Building on our efforts and those of the San Joaquin Valley APCD, this grant moves our region closer to a future with clearer skies.”

The San Joaquin Valley APCD will use these funds to replace waste transporting vehicles with newer, cleaner models that meet or exceed current emission standards. These vehicles which service low air quality areas, such as Kettleman City, are projected to operate for at least ten years and achieve up to a 97 percent reduction of PM and up to 94 percent reduction of NOx.

Costa has long advocated for robust funding of the DERA program since its creation in 2005. Since the program was first funded, it has awarded over 500 grants nationwide that have reduced hundreds of thousands of tons of air pollution and saved millions of gallons of fuel.

It was also announced today that California’s California Air Resources Board (CARB) will receive $454,899 for their efforts to retrofit school buses statewide. Through CARB’s partnership project with the San Joaquin Valley APCD, 37 heavy-duty school buses will install verified diesel particulate filters (DPF) that will reduce diesel emissions. CARB will also provide $322,101 in funds to support the retrofit. Over the life of the project, it is estimated to reduce 5 tons of PM, 7 tons of HC, and 43 tons of CO emissions. Through diesel emission reductions, the health of the children who ride these buses each day will be improved in the San Joaquin Valley and throughout California.