Costa Applauds Path Forward for Bay Delta Conservation Plan

Washington, DC- Rep. Jim Costa applauded Governor Brown and Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announcement today that laid out a path forward for the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP). In their announcement, state and federal officials stressed that the status quo is unsustainable for both the health of the Bay Delta and the economies of the California communities that rely on water from state and federal projects.

“Our water system is broken, but we are on the right path to bringing long-term water security to California,” said Costa. “Governor Brown and Secretary Salazar’s welcome announcement reiterates their commitment to moving forward with real, comprehensive solutions. Until my constituents no longer have to fight tooth and nail for every drop of water, I will keep fighting for the completion of the BDCP. We must grow our water supply for California’s economic success in the 21st century.”

Last week, Congressman Costa joined Congressman Cardoza in a letter calling for state and federal authorities to make the tough decisions necessary to move the BDCP forward.

Costa has long supported the completion of the BDCP to restore balance and health to California’s broken water system. The plan would help meet long-term water needs of the San Joaquin Valley.

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