06.14.10 Rep. Costa Announces New Water Increase For The Valley

“Today’s announcement means more water and more jobs for our Valley,” said Costa. “This increase is also a sign of how far we’ve come in our fight for more water. This year, we started with the prospect of a zero water allocation. But our Valley fought back. We took on Valley outsiders who tried to cut off our water. We also took on the Washington bureaucracy until they listened to our Valley’s message.”

Last year, the Westside received a mere 10 percent allocation. Costa said that the Valley will be able to build on this year’s success to secure more water next year.

“The progress we have made this year sets the table for more water to the flow to our Valley in coming water years,” said Costa. “We still have more work to do, but we have turned a corner. I will continue to work to ensure that our Valley receives more of the water we need to succeed.”