Energy Independence

Our Valley is an energy rich region, supplying the state with power from oil, gas, and renewable sources like hydropower, biomass, wind, and solar. This vital sector of our economy is a job creator in our communities and a key player in reducing our nation’s dependence on foreign sources of energy.

For these reasons, I took the lead on this issue with a bipartisan group of legislators in the 112th Congress in introducing the Infrastructure Jobs and Energy Independence Act.  Unlike the “cap and trade” bill which I opposed and voted against, this bill outlines a practical, responsible energy plan for America that would further develop domestic energy production of traditional oil and gas, provide a funding stream to clean up the environment and fully develop clean energy technologies.

In addition, our Valley’s energy economy has been bolstered through the Recovery Act. These funds have gone toward creating good-paying jobs, allowing Valley cities to develop and implement projects to improve energy efficiency and reduce fossil fuel emissions in our cities. One great example is the $30 million I fought for to fund a clean energy project north of Bakersfield. This project will directly fund over 100 Valley jobs and thousands more indirectly. For more, click here.

As newer technologies move forward and expand, our Valley stands ready to take advantage of these innovations.  I have been actively engaged in advancing innovation right here in the Valley through efforts like working with California State University Bakersfield (CSUB) to establish an Energy Center that will provide research services and specialized educational training, and offer professional development opportunities related to energy efficiencies throughout the region.  The CSUB Energy Center will meet the Valley’s short and long-term needs for the application of new technologies and help bring the Valley new jobs.


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