Costa, Crawford Announce Congressional Rodeo Caucus

Washington, D.C. — Today, Representatives Rick Crawford (R-AR) and Jim Costa (D-CA) announced the formation of the Congressional Rodeo Caucus.  The caucus, and its members, will serve as an informal group dedicated to issues of the rodeo industry and helping to facilitate a constructive dialogue about animal welfare matters.  The caucus establishes an important voice for a storied American tradition while also recognizing the need for a group of members to work on issues pertaining to animal welfare.

“Rodeos are a true American tradition enjoyed by people throughout our country. They are both a window into our past and a snapshot of our current culture,” said Rep. Costa. “As such, I am honored to be Co-Chair of the Congressional Rodeo Caucus.  I look forward to working with my colleague Rep. Crawford in providing a platform on which issues pertaining to the rodeo industry can be openly discussed.

The caucus will seek members from congressional districts who have active rodeo events of any size or scale as well as members who have a desire to work on issues surrounding animal welfare.  Costa not only has one of the top PRCA Silver Tour Rodeos serving his district, but also one of the nation’s oldest rodeos, having just celebrated its 100thAnniversary. Costa has seen first-hand how rodeo plays a vital role in the cultural identity of those who participate in and attend rodeos. Crawford was a long time participant in rodeo beginning with his time as a saddle bronc rider and later, transitioning into announcing rodeos across the country. 

“I am honored to be a Co-Chair of the Congressional Rodeo Caucus with my friend and colleague on the Agriculture Committee Jim Costa,” said Crawford.  “I have spent the last three and a half years getting to know Jim and have found we have a shared interest and dedication to the rodeo industry and to issues surrounding animal welfare.”

“We are looking forward to growing our caucus membership and working on behalf of so many people who are active and involved in the rodeo industry,” said Crawford and Costa.  “For generations, rodeo has been a part of the fabric of our American culture.  Ensuring that they have a voice in Washington was important to us and working on their behalf in ways that will preserve this important part of our history and will ensue that many more generations to come will be able to enjoy one of Americas greatest pastimes,” concluded Crawford and Costa.