Costa Applauds Governor’s Decision to Expedite Water Transfers

FRESNO, CA – Congressman Jim Costa cheered Governor Jerry Brown’s decision to suspend the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) for water transfers. In January, Costa called on the Governor to take this specific step to accelerate water exchanges that would move resources to areas where they are most needed.

“In a drought year like this, it is critical that we use all the flexibility available to move scarce resources to the places in greatest need,” said Costa. “This decision will expedite the transfer of up to 150,000 acre feet to South-of-Delta communities and farms, ground zero of the drought. As communities struggle to maintain drinking water and farmers are questioning if they can hold on until next year, action could not come soon enough. Continued, coordinated efforts to bring relief to our Valley are crucial as we move through the rest of this challenging water year.”