Costa Cheers Rescheduled Water Decision

Fresno, CA — Rep. Jim Costa cheered the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation’s decision to honor rescheduled water deliveries to San Joaquin Valley farmers. Costa joined with Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Reps. Kevin McCarthy, Devin Nunes, and David Valadao on a letter earlier this week in opposition to rumors that the Bureau was considering halting rescheduled water deliveries which farmers had held in reserve during previous years in anticipation of continued drought conditions. Sen. Barbara Boxer also weighed in with the Bureau in support of maintaining rescheduled water.

“Farmers who did the responsible thing last year by hedging against the dry conditions ahead now know that their water investment will be there to help them make it through this dry year,” said Costa. “By presenting a united, bipartisan front, we ensured that the Valley’s concerns were heard loud and clear by the Administration.

“This year is going to bring unprecedented water management challenges, and I applaud the Bureau and the Administration for making a fair decision to preserve rescheduled water deliveries. Given the sensitivity and far-reaching impact of these decisions, we have to work together to balance the interests and provide as much assistance as possible to all water users.

“Today’s victory proves that progress on our water challenges is possible with cooperation and coordinated effort.”