Costa Calls on California Delegation to Work Together on Drought

Hopes He Can Support Republican Proposal

Merced, CA — Rep. Jim Costa issued the following statement upon Valley Republicans unveiling their emergency drought proposal.

“Now is the time for California’s lawmakers to come together with bipartisan solutions that will help our state cope with these historic drought conditions,” said Costa. “Though I have not yet seen the legislation, I hope to be able to support it once I have the opportunity to fully review the bill.  Should our prayers for rain finally be answered, it is my understanding that this proposal might arm us with another tool that could help minimize the devastating impacts of this dry year. I look forward to working with my fellow Valley representatives and supporting any good-faith effort that prepares us for the long, hard road ahead.”

Last week, Costa joined Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer in calling on President Obama to form a federal drought task force capable of coordinating a swift, decisive cross-agency response to the state’s looming water crisis. In a letter, the lawmakers also asked that the President move quickly to authorize a disaster declaration should California request a federal declaration.